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Whether you are preparing an article for a journal or considering publishing a book, we hope the information, tools, and services provided here meet your needs. Of course, please don't hesitate to contact us should you not find the information you need here.

Why Publish with Wiley

Wiley publications are among the most widely read and distributed worldwide. The Wiley Online Library online platform in particular, which includes journals, books, major reference works and databases, has increased the readership and influence of Wiley publications by several orders of magnitude. Wiley Online Library receives over 130 million hits and over 20 million article downloads annually. This success relies to a large extent on our ability to attract and retain the best authors, who choose Wiley as their publisher for a combination of reasons:


Wiley publications are known throughout the world for their quality of content and high standards of production.

Content Acquisition and Management

Wiley's key strength lies in our ability to build and sustain strong collaborative relationships with all our publishing partners, whether they are authors, editors, societies, professional bodies or commercial organisations. At Wiley, the acquisition of new content for publication, and the management and development of that content - whether in printed book or journal format, or for electronic delivery to customers - is handled by editorial, production, marketing and sales teams.


Wiley's Journal Editors are charged with managing and developing Wiley's journal titles, working with scientific editors, editorial boards, and advisors to insure that Wiley journals maintain high quality standards while simultaneously assimilating the changing landscape of science. Journal editors oversee all aspects of the publication process for established titles. However an important part of their job is to identify areas of science where new journal launches might be appropriate. And it is ultimately their responsibility to ensure that authors publishing in Wiley journals receive the highest quality publication services, from submission through peer review to final publication.


Wiley's Production staff combine many years of experience in print production with expertise in the latest electronic technology. Their primary role is to manage the content that the company has acquired and to prepare it for publication. This process begins as soon as an article has been approved or a contract has been signed. When the final text and illustrations are delivered to us and accepted for publication, production staff arrange copy-editing, design, typesetting, proofing, printing and binding, and work directly with the author and editorial and marketing colleagues to decide on format, cost, and schedule. We constantly evolve and innovate to embrace the latest developments in electronic data delivery to meet changing needs of our customers and authors. Detailed instructions on how to prepare material for publication are given in the Journal Manuscript Submission section.

Visibility & Prestige

The Wiley imprint is one of the best-known and most respected in international publishing. Wiley Online Library disseminates content to a truly global audience of 16 million scientists and scholars averaging 2.5 million downloads per month.

Impact of Wiley Journals Continues to Rise

For journal authors, our continued growth is borne out by statistics, and most aptly measured through increased citations and Impact FactorŽ ratings. In 2004, for example, 70 percent of Wiley journals in the physical sciences increased their Impact Factor; in the Life Sciences, 68 percent, continuing a long upward trend. Wiley publishes six of the top 10 most-cited journals in the polymer science category, and in the field of chemistry, Wiley's renowned Angewandte Chemie International Edition has the highest Impact Factor of any research journal. Our physical sciences portfolio also includes such highly cited titles as Advanced Materials, Macromolecular Rapid Communications, and Journal of Polymer Science (Parts A & B). In the Life and Medical Sciences, our highly cited titles include Hepatology, The American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Journal of Pathology, and Human Mutation. All of these journals rank within the top 10 percent of their ISI subject categories.

International Distribution

With major offices based in each of the world's key markets, Wiley achieves truly international marketing and sales.

Marketing Efforts

Marketing staff at Wiley are responsible for the products we publish locally, and those of our parent and sister companies. Their role is to plan and carry out cost-effective and highly targeted marketing to academics, practitioners and institutional buyers in virtually every discipline, using a variety of print and electronic media. In addition to marketing to book resellers, libraries and institutions, they also market directly to individuals by mail, e-mail, and through and Our close links with societies and associations provide valuable additional marketing and distribution opportunities. Our local marketing staff also work with Wiley colleagues internationally to plan promotion campaigns, to seek and share information on forthcoming publications, and to develop marketing strategies.

Sales Channels

Wiley sells its publications, online and in print through multiple channels:

  • Direct Sales: We have teams focusing on selling direct to individuals, companies, institutions or associations, particularly in the area of scientific research but also in business, finance, pharmaceuticals, electronic/wireless communications, data technology, engineering and the chemical industry.
  • Online Sales: We sell content online through and, and we also have successful partnerships with on-line bookshops, e-tailers, portals and e-zines. Book Stores: Wiley's reputation in the international book trade is pre-eminent. Our locally based representatives present all new titles to every major bookstore in the world, to library suppliers and wholesalers, to electronic product intermediaries, and to lecturers on campuses.
  • Rights and E-licensing: We have a dedicated team responsible for sales of translation rights,e-distribution and e-licensing rights (to 3rd party aggregators), serialisation rights, and book club rights.
  • Conferences and Exhibitions: Wiley exhibition stands, staffed by sales, marketing or editorial members, can be seen at most major international book fairs, and at scientific and professional conferences.
  • Publicity: Our Publicity staff maintain regular contact with scientific, professional and general media, arranging press coverage and interviews as appropriate and pursuing opportunities for additional exposure.

Technological Expertise

Wiley has invested significantly in electronic development and innovation, and is among industry leaders publishing in digital formats.

New Technology and Outreach Initiatives

Our global readership and online usage, driven by licensing of Wiley Online Library products, has grown tremendousley over the past decade. To best leverage all sales channels, the majority of Wiley journals are published in both print and online formats. We provide our authors rapid online peer review and publication, assuring that their work is delivered to its audience in the shortest possible time while maintaining the strictest standards of quality.

Wiley adds value to its publications through both technology and market outreach. Wiley content is enriched via indexing and linking through key services such as Google, Google Scholar, PubMed, ChemPort, and ISI Web of Knowledge. In addition, Wiley's content strengths in subject areas ranging from chemistry to materials science to clinical medicine to life sciences provide strong contextual support for new publications, whether they be research articles, handbooks, monographs, or encyclopedias. Our market outreach activities include developing-country access initiatives such as AGORA and HINARI, local editorial development teams (including offices in Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore), and programs such as translation assistance for non-English-speaking authors.

Personal Attention

Through our international locations, we are able to provide a high degree of local author support.

  • Europe, the Middle East and Africa, are covered by Wiley Europe.
  • The United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean are covered by Wiley's US headquarters.
  • Canada is served by our office in Toronto.
  • Our Singapore and Tokyo offices market books and journals throughout Asia.
  • Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands and Western Samoa are the markets of our Brisbane office.

More information on these offices is available at Wiley Locations.

Commitment to Preserving the Minutes of Science

Wiley is committed to preserving the historical accuracy of its publications and of scholarship. In principle, it is our policy that no journal content should be altered or removed from Wiley Online Library after it has been published online. Any time the scientific record is changed, this must be reflected in the same way both in the online and the print versions of the affected article. Wiley embraces its responsibility as a publisher to preserve access to scientific articles, which comprise "the minutes of science."