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Why Publish with Wiley-Blackwell?

Our goal is to make substantial contributions to academic research, teaching, and professional practice through publishing. We know that this means we must provide the best possible author services.

We make a conscious effort to raise your profile and influence in the communities we serve. How will we do that?

  • Relationships: Authors and customers can rely on us to be in the forefront of rapidly changing markets and disciplines.
  • Readership: We are determined to ensure that your work is widely read by the people who matter to you most, namely your professional colleagues and students.
  • Brand: The strength of our imprint derives chiefly from the quality of our publishing.  
  • Service: We provide an exceptional service to authors - no other publisher offers the expertise, guidance, resources, and unprecedented level of access to authors.

We welcome you as an author to Wiley-Blackwell.

The Author Services Team

Author Rights

Wiley-Blackwell journal authors can use their article in a number of ways, including in publications of their own work and course packs in their institution.

Author re-use rights vary between journals. Please refer to the copyright form you have signed or are required to sign to review the applicable re-use rights. For further information on copyright please see

Author Benefits

Journal Authors enjoy many benefits from publishing with Wiley-Blackwell.

  • Online Submission
  • Tracking articles in production
  • Early Online publication
  • Free online access to published article**
  • OnlineOpen: a new open access publishing option
  • Worldwide library access for your research
  • Efforts to increase citations
  • 25% author discount on Wiley books
  • Access to manuscript preparation guidelines, tips, and resources

**Please note these policies vary by journal.

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Guidelines by Journal

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript, view the author guidelines for each journal by selecting the journal title below (the guidelines will appear in a new browser window):