Expert peer review is at the heart of scientific communication. We rely on reviewers to ensure research findings are reliable and relevant before they are communicated to the world. In order to help recognize the importance of reviewing, Wiley has partnered with Publons to give you official recognition for your peer review work. This partnership means you can opt-in to have your reviews for participating Wiley journals automatically added to your reviewer profile on Publons.

What is Publons?

Publons works with reviewers and publishers to give credit for peer review. Publons helps you to record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions for use in promotion applications etc. You get credit even if your reviews are anonymous and the manuscript is never published.

How the partnership works

  • When you review for participating Wiley journals you can opt in to get credit on Publons, via a question on the ScholarOne review questionnaire.*
  • Once your review is completed you will receive an email with a private link to claim your review
  • Follow the link to add your review to your reviewer profile

* By selecting "yes" you are opting in to the Publons service and data about this review (including your name and the review itself) will be transferred to Publons. You may opt out of the service at any time.

Wiley is committed to ensuring integrity in the peer review process. Publons tracks, verifies and showcases peer review activity without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal policies, as specified in Wiley's review confidentiality policy.

By default, the content of reviews for Wiley journals will not be publicly displayed on Publons, and only the year of the review and the journal title will be shown on reviewer profiles, unless both the journal and reviewer has actively selected an alternative setting. This means that review comments remain confidential, unless permission is granted by the journal and, in some cases, the author as well.

You may edit what is displayed for any review according to the privacy settings of the participating journal, or opt out of the service at any time.

Participating Journals

A list of the Wiley journals that are now integrated with Publons is available here.

Can I get credit on Publons for reviews to journals that are not listed above?

Yes. Take a look at Publon's instructions for how to request credit via Publons for past review activity, or for journals which do not offer automatic credit.

Transparent Peer Review

Wiley, Publons, and ScholarOne Manuscripts recently announced the launch of a new, integrated transparent peer review program. The pilot proram enables easy publication of an article’s entire peer review process in an easily accessible, searchable, and citable format, in order to bring greater transparency to the research process and recognition to the work of peer reviewers. Authors will have the option to decline transparent peer review and reviewers can choose to remain anonymous.A list of journals included in the pilot is available here

To learn more about this latest initiative enabling transparent peer review for researchers at Wiley, read our press release and latest blog post,or check out this article from Clinical Genetics and its associated open review content.