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Accompanying Material

If you are writing a textbook, your editor will discuss with you whether an instructor's manual, test bank or other accompanying material will be needed alongside your textbook.

When to submit your material 

  • It is important that we receive accompanying material promptly, in order to ensure that it is available to users at the same time as your book is published. Please submit all of this material no later than two months after sending us your final typescript   

How to submit your material 

  • Please submit your accompanying material on disk, together with a hard copy. If possible, the text should be in Word for Windows
  • If you are including new line figures, please refer to Illustrations  for advice on how to submit them
  • If you intend to reproduce figures that will be appearing in the textbook, please send us hard copies of these along with the text for the accompanying material
  • Please include a table of contents   
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