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Write research documents online, together, with Authorea

Authorea is an online writing tool that helps you get to publication faster by streamlining the collaborative writing and formatting of research manuscripts, and making your work and data more widely discoverable.

Watch the video below to see how Authorea works.

Authorea features include:

  • Online, real-time author collaboration
  • Word processor tailored for researchers, with LaTeX and Markdown support
  • Multi-panel figures, tables, equations, and mathematical notation
  • Search and manage citations from CrossRef and PubMed
  • Support for Jupyter notebooks and d3.js visualizations
  • Document sharing with co-authors, reviewers, and readers, with custom levels of access
  • Group workspaces, with comments and annotations
  • Over 8,000 journal templates
  • Document versioning and history
  • Direct submission to a growing list of journals, publishers and preprint servers

Who can use Authorea?

Authorea is an online tool and can be used by anyone, on any operating system. Authorea is free to use. Paid plans are available for groups and for private workspaces.

How do I set up an account?

Follow this link to the Authorea sign-up page to create your account.

How do I get started with Authorea?

This tutorial gives you an overview of how to get started, including how to create your first document.

How do I submit to a Wiley journal through Authorea?

Some Wiley journals are set up for direct submission via Authorea. This article guides you through the steps of how to publish directly to Wiley. Direct submission is currently offered for this list of journals, and we’re continually working to expand the list.