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Don't just settle for writing a good paper. Use the following resources, which provide extensive tips and hints on how to write your manuscript effectively and efficiently, and write a great paper.

Authoring Tools

Streamline and simplify your writing process by using an online or collaborative authoring tool. Whether you need a solution for importing reference libraries, real-time collaboration with co-authors, or importing and exporting in different formats and markup language, authoring tools help manage the writing process so you can focus on creating impactful content.


Cover of Writing Scientific Research Articles
Writing Scientific Research Articles (2nd Edition)
By Margaret Cargill, Patrick O'Connor (2013)
Cover of Scientific Writing
Scientific Writing: Easy When You Know How
By Jennifer Peat, Elizabeth Elliott, Louise Baur, Victoria Keena (2013)
How to Write a Paper cover
How to Write a Paper (5th Edition)
Edited by George M. Hall (2012)
How to Write a Great Research Paper cover
How to Write a Great Research Paper
By Book Builders, Beverly Chin, (2004)
Research Papers for Dummies cover
Research Papers for Dummies
By Geraldine Woods (2002)

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