Share with anyone, anywhere with Article Share

You want your article to be read. With Article Share, you can easily generate a unique sharing link to a full-text, read-only version of your article that can be shared with unlimited people.

How does it work?

Generate your personalized sharing link in your Author Services dashboard:

  1. Log in to Author Services
  2. In My Articles, find the article you would like to share and click Manage Article
  3. Look for the 'Share your content' card and click Get shareable link
  4. Copy your unique sharing link and share access to your article with anyone, anywhere

That's it! You can share this link with an unlimited number of people for their non-commercial, personal use. Share your link via email, social media, your personal website or online profiles, institutional repositories, andor Scholarly Collaboration Networks that are signatories to the Voluntary Principles for Article Sharing on Scholarly Collaboration Networks.

Why should you use it?

  • Share with anyone – Your unique link can be shared with an unlimited number of people
  • Share anywhere – You can post the link on social media, institutional repositories, your personal website and online profiles, or SCNs that have signed the STM sharing principles
  • Share with ease – Readers simply click the link to view the article in an Enhanced PDF format

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What is Wiley’s article sharing policy?

Wiley supports the responsible sharing of research and is a signatory to the Voluntary Principles for Article Sharing on Scholarly Collaboration Networks.

For more information about article sharing:

Looking to share other articles on Wiley Online Library that you’re not the author of? If you’re a subscriber or have access through your institution, you can share read-only access to many Wiley articles using Wiley Content Sharing.