Author-Provided Video Abstract Guidelines


Authors publishing in Wiley journals have the option to create a video abstract for their article, or have an external vendor create one for them.

Wiley Editing Services

Video creation service to connect your research to a wider audience

Wiley Editing Services also offers a Video Abstract and Video Short creation service to help you create a dynamic and accessible promotional video summarizing your article.

Our team can upload author-provided video abstracts to Brightcove and the article HTML page on Wiley Online Library (WOL) for videos that meet the guidelines below.


  • Videos must be 5 minutes in length or less
  • Articles must be published in Early View or in an issue before our team can accept your video abstract
  • Please ensure that your video‚Äôs permissions allow your video to be downloaded

Author-provided videos that will not be accepted:

  • Authors reading their paper out loud
  • Interviews
  • Adverts
  • Videos that are not linked to a specific article

Subtitles are strongly recommended for accessibility purposes. For guidance on providing captions for your video abstract, please see the following support pages:


  • Ensure your video meets the guidelines above. Videos that do not meet our guidelines will not be accepted by our team
  • Email the video file or direct URL to the source video (not the webpage) and article link to our team at
  • We will upload the video to Brightcove and publish the video on the WOL article page

Benefits for Authors

Author-provided video abstracts:

  • Are freely available on WOL
  • Help authors promote their research
  • Provide a richer experience with the article for readers
  • Improve content discovery for readers


For questions about the Video Abstracts program, please contact