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Promote your article with a featured cover image

Promotional Toolkit

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Your research deserves to be seen. Wiley supports authors at every step of the publishing journey, including article promotion. One of the best ways to showcase your work is with an eye-catching journal issue cover. After your article is accepted for publication, you can submit your idea for a cover image. Your suggestion may be featured in your article’s journal issue. 

How can your cover image help promote your work?

Use your featured cover image in all your article promotions:

  • Include it in a poster or other printed material.
  • Use it in presentations at conferences and speaking events.
  • Add it to any multimedia and videos.
  • Send it to your local press office to spotlight your work.
  • Email it to your colleagues and peers.
  • Share it on social media.
  • Make your website more visual.

Get inspired with the examples below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the topics below to read frequently asked questions about featured cover images.


What kinds of cover images are considered?
A cover image should creatively showcase the journal and your research. The best design should be interesting enough to motivate people to read your article. Simple yet striking design combinations of art and science are encouraged. Graphs and data plots are hard to see and can be confusing out of context. We also suggest avoiding complex fabrication schemes, text, arrows, and other characters. No self-portraits.

Can I include a logo on my submission?
In lieu of a logo, we ask that you include any institutional, design or photo credit to include in the cover caption. The information will be notated in the journal but will not be hyperlinked to any website.

What is an acceptable format for an image submission?
TIFF, PSD, JPG, JPEG or PNG files, 210mm by 210mm, 300dpi resolution is preferred. Wiley retains the right to modify submissions as needed. Include your manuscript ID or AID when emailing the Cover Features Team.

Do my submissions need to be original images?
Please submit only original images OR images that you have license to use. The license will be required and can be sent to the Cover Features Team.


How much will it cost to publish my image on the journal cover?
If your cover image is selected, we ask that you contribute to the cost of production and promotion. Please contact for journal-specific information.

For which issue will my cover image be published?
If chosen, your image will be published in the same issue as your accepted article.

When can I send a cover image?
Submissions can be sent to after your manuscript has been accepted. We will continue to accept images until the issue containing your article has been compiled. This may be an extended amount of time.

If my image is selected, what do I need to provide?
If your image is chosen, a signed consent form is required. You’ll also need to complete a cost confirmation form and return it to the Cover Features Team. If you have a Purchase Order from your institution, a copy must be attached to the cost confirmation form. Lastly, you will receive an invoice from the finance department with specific payment instructions.

Can I include a caption or figure legend?
Yes, please include a caption when emailing your image to the Cover Features Team.


Can I have a copy(ies) of the journal cover and/or publication?
Yes. A high-resolution PDF file that you can use online or in presentations will be available for download on the journal issue’s electronic table of contents (eTOC). This file is formatted for quality printing through any printing service of your choice.
Not all publications are printed. To purchase a physically bound issue directly from Wiley, please advise the Cover Features Team at when you email your cover page submission. If you need prints after the initial publication, contact

How does having an image in the Covers Program benefit my work?
Covers each receive their own unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The DOI is used to link and identify your research digitally as a stand-alone object. The cover image helps to drive web traffic and get your work noticed. The images can be used as a visual display when presenting your work.

Where will my cover image be displayed?
Your cover will be displayed in the journal’s Wiley Online Library homepage in the following areas:

  • The journal's Cover Gallery
  • As the thumbnail image of the issue your article is published in (if a front cover)
  • The eTOC of the issue in two positions
  • As the thumbnail on the list of all issues (if a front cover)


Can I review the image before final print?
You may review the finalized image before it is placed onto the template. You will only be able to view the finished cover once it is published.

Will I share the cover space?
No, the cover will include your image and the journal's masthead. Some journals utilize front, rear, inside and rear/inside covers. If selected, the Cover Features Team will advise you which position your image will occupy.

Will my cover art be considered for other publications/issues?
No, you must submit a new image for every article that you successfully publish.

When/How will I know if my image has been selected?
The Cover Features Team will send an email notification to you before your image is published.