Feature your article with a Cover Image

Your research deserves to be seen. One great way to showcase your work is with an eye-catching Cover Image featured in your article's journal issue. After your article is accepted for publication, you can submit your Cover Image idea.

Why feature your article with a Cover Image?

Front Cover Images have proven impact on article usage metrics. We recently completed an analysis to compare key article usage metrics of articles with Front Cover Images against the average metric values of articles that published in the same issue.

Since May 2021, and compared to articles from the same issue without, articles with a Cover Image average:

  • 55% higher full text views on Wiley Online Library
  • 31% higher Altmetric Attention scores

How can your Cover Image help promote your work?

In addition to generating interest in your article’s issue, you can use your Cover Image in your other article promotion efforts.

  1. Include it in a poster or other printed material.
  2. Use it in presentations at conferences and speaking events.
  3. Add it to any multimedia and videos.
  4. Send it to your local press office to spotlight your work.
  5. Email it to your colleagues and peers.
  6. Share it on social media.
  7. Make your website more visual.

Pricing, Benefits, and Image Submission Information

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