Expand on your article with Kudos

Ever wish you could add more to your research article? With Kudos, you can add explanations, impact statements, lay summaries, and links to additional resources.

What can you do with Kudos?

Kudos allows you to explain, share, and measure your research’s impact both within and outside your scientific community.

  • Explain your publication

  • You can add a short title, impact statement, and a plain-language summary to your publication. You’re also able to add links to resources such as images, data, blog posts, and videos. This improves your article’s discoverability and gives context to your work.

  • Share your publication

  • You have two sharing options with Kudos.

    You can share with a unique link to your publication’s Kudos page.  This link can be shared anywhere, including social media, websites, email, blog posts, or scholarly collaboration networks.

    You can share using a Shareable PDF (s-PDF). This s-PDF allows you to share the article summary you have created in Kudos. This s-PDF can be shared anywhere but is particularly suited to scholarly collaboration networks. For more information about this option, visit the Kudos Share as a PDF page.

    Please note: The ‘Share as PDF’ option may not be available for non-Wiley articles. Wiley is among a subset of publishers who have partnered with Kudos to make this option available to our authors.

  • Measure your impact

  • Kudos allows you to see the impact of your sharing activity on your publication metrics including publication views, full text downloads, Altmetric score, and Crossref citations.

    Please note: publication views and full text downloads are publisher-provided and may not be available for non-Wiley articles. Wiley provides this data to Kudos as part of our ongoing effort for transparency and collaboration with our authors.

When can I use Kudos?

Once your article, book, or book chapter is available online (even in Early View or as an Accepted Article), you’ll be able to search for and claim your article in Kudos.

How to get started with Kudos

  1. Register for your free account at www.growkudos.com
  2. Claim your articles and publications
  3. If you haven’t already, register with Wiley Author Services to receive:
    • Automated upload to Kudos when your article published
    • Personalized email notifications when your article is available in Kudos
    • An enhanced dashboard that includes weekly full-text downloads for your article

For more information on Kudos read the Kudos User Guide and their Share as PDF page.

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