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Promotional Tools Roadmap

Follow our road map to help increase the impact of your article.

Promotional Toolkit

Welcome to our one-stop shop for helping authors promote their work. Following the steps below will make a huge difference to the impact of your article.

1. Email

  • Nominate up to 10 colleagues to receive unlimited free access to your article
  • Share a ‘read only’ version of your published article with your colleagues (authenticated Wiley subscribers will get full access)
  • Take advantage of any relevant email newsletters sent out through your institution or society
  • Add a link to your email signature, or simply email a link to key colleagues and contacts in your field

2. Social media

  • Share your article on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms
  • Share a ‘read only’ version of your published article with your colleagues (authenticated Wiley subscribers will get full access)
  • Engage with any existing society or institutional social media accounts

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3. Networking

  • If you run a blog, post about your article
  • Join academic social networking sites such as Mendeley and

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4. Conferences

  • Talk about your paper when networking or at formal speaking events, referencing the relevant journal as well

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5. Search Engine Optimization

  • Link to your published article on social media, blogs, and academic websites
  • Encourage colleagues to link to your article too
  • Promote your paper through our Kudos service and improve your article’s online discoverability

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6. The Wider Web

  • Update your faculty or professional website with an entry about your article
  • Find a Wikipedia page on a topic related to your work, and add a reference to your paper
  • Register for your unique ORCID author identifier and add details of your article to your profile

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7. Publicity

  • Let your institution’s press office know about a potentially newsworthy article. You don’t need permission from Wiley for any press release, but please respect the guidelines in our PR Guide

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8. Multimedia (Podcasts or video abstracts)

  • Create a podcast to convey the key points from your paper and host online

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  • Extend the reach and visibility of your research by creating a video abstract.

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For a fee, Wiley—in partnership with Research Square—offers you the opportunity to outline the key findings of your published article in a dynamic video. Through this multimedia content, colleagues, funders and anyone else interested in your work can experience your research anytime, anywhere.

9. Article Sharing

  • Use Wiley Content Sharing and receive a unique sharing link to a full-text, read-only version of your article that can be shared with unlimited people
  • Use Wiley Author Services to nominate up to 10 colleagues to receive free access to your article, or email a link to key colleagues

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