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Promotional Toolkit

Welcome to our one-stop shop for helping authors promote their work. Following this road-map will make a huge difference to the impact of your article.

Wiley also works hard to promote and increase the visibility of your work. Find out more about how Wiley helps you promote your research.

1. Email

  • Nominate up to 10 colleagues to receive unlimited free access to your article
  • Take advantage of any relevant email newsletters sent out through your institution or society
  • Add a link to your email signature, or simply email a link to key colleagues and contacts in your field

2. Social media/networking

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3. Conferences

  • Talk about your paper when networking or at formal speaking events, referencing the relevant journal as well

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4. Search Engine Optimization

  • Link to your published article on social media, blogs, and academic websites
  • Encourage colleagues to link to your article too
  • Promote your paper through our Kudos service and improve your article’s online discoverability

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5. The Wider Web

  • Update your faculty or professional website with an entry about your article
  • Find a Wikipedia page on a topic related to your work, and add a reference to your paper
  • Register for your unique ORCID author identifier and add details of your article to your profile

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6. Publicity

  • Let your institution’s press office know about a potentially newsworthy article. You don’t need permission from Wiley for any press release, but please respect the guidelines in our PR Guide

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7. Multimedia

  • Create a video or podcast to convey the key points from your paper and host online

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