How Wiley promotes your research

Wiley works hard to increase the visibility of your research, and to set you and your research up for impact. When you publish in a Wiley journal, your article will:

  • Be published on Wiley Online Library, which provides seamless access to over 7.5 million articles for more than 1,600 journals
  • Be indexed by Google, PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science, as well as other relevant indexes, ensuring your article is found by experts in your field
  • Be available to researchers at institutions around the world
  • Have Citation Tracking, allowing you and others to see the published works that have cited your article
  • Be available for download to widely used reference managers, such as EndNote, Reference Manager, and RefWorks (abstract and citations only)
  • Have email and social sharing options directly from your article
  • Be able to be shared by subscribers using Wiley Content Sharing

Learn more about the article features available on the Wiley Online Library Researchers page.

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