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How Wiley promotes your research

Let Wiley connect your work to a global audience. With our worldwide network of offices and deep collection of academic content, we can promote your work far and wide. Your article is published on Wiley Online Library which attracts more than 20 million full-text accesses every month.

When you publish in a Wiley journal, you will typically receive the following benefits:

  • Article indexed by Google, PubMed, Scopus and Web of Science, and many more, so you’ll be found by the experts in your field and casual readers alike
  • Increased discoverability with enhanced PDF format
  • Increased access with responsive HTML
  • Availability in the world’s most respected institutions, including over 3,000 institutions in developing countries, giving you global reach
  • Ability to nominate up to ten colleagues to receive unlimited free access to your article
  • Increased reach and impact by sharing a 'read only' online version of your article with a wider audience (authenticated Wiley subscribers will get full access)
  • Email and social media sharing tools

We also offer guidance on how you can maximize and measure the impact of your work.

Find out how Wiley supports authors across the publishing process.