Your published research, accessible and in context

Wiley is experimenting with making it easier for you to share your research, directly on ResearchGate. Through our new pilot, we’re making your published research easily available where your community already is.

Beginning in April 2021, the full-text, final published articles from 18 Wiley open access journals will be uploaded automatically to ResearchGate and available to all ResearchGate members. Later this year, articles from an additional list of 84 subscription and hybrid journals will be available on ResearchGate and accessible for users with access through their institution.

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Access the research you need from where you already are: a Q&A about our partnership with ResearchGate

Which journals are participating in the pilot?

The journals selected for the pilot represent a wide array of disciplines and subject areas, including journals published on behalf of American Geophysical Union (AGU).

In the first phase of the pilot, ResearchGate members will be able to access all research articles that were published from January 1, 2019 onward in the following Wiley open access journals, without leaving ResearchGate:

How does the partnership affect authors?

If you published an article in one of the participating journals after January 1, 2019, the full-text, final version of the article will be automatically added by Wiley to the publication page on ResearchGate. No action is required on your part to upload the article or make it available to ResearchGate members.

Will I be notified if my article has been uploaded to ResearchGate?

We’ll contact you by email to let you know your article has been uploaded to ResearchGate. If you’re a ResearchGate user, you’ll be notified within the platform when your full-text article has been added to your profile.

Can I still upload my own version of the article?

ResearchGate members can upload additional full-text versions to their publications (e.g., an accepted manuscript) in addition to the version of record provided by Wiley. ResearchGate members must make sure they have the necessary rights and permissions to share those versions publicly.

How does ResearchGate work? Do you need an account?

ResearchGate connects you with other researchers, helps you discover content valuable to your work, and lets you make your own research visible. To create an account, visit and click “Join for free.” Once your account is created, complete your profile information to share your publications, start connecting with other researchers, and discover the latest research. Registration on ResearchGate is required to access subscription articles. Further information on how to get started on ResearchGate can be found here.

How will researchers access my article? Is there a cost?

Creating an account on ResearchGate is free. All ResearchGate members will be able to access content from the participating open access journals. Access to subscription content made available on ResearchGate through our partnership will be provided through the user’s institutional affiliation, free of any additional charge.

What happens if a researcher can’t get access to my article?

If a researcher is not recognized by ResearchGate as having access through a Wiley subscription, they will be able to access a preview of the article (including the article’s full abstract, figures, and publication information, as well as the first page of the full-text), but there will be no option to download or read the full-text directly on ResearchGate.

Are all article types included?

Yes, all article types from the participating journals will be included in the pilot and made available on ResearchGate.