Resources for authors funded by cOAlition S

Author Compliance Tool

Use our ACT to check policies of Wiley journals.

The information on this page is designed to help you make an informed decision about where to publish in alignment with your funder and/or journal requirements. Each funder has their own policy and timeline for implementation, so it is important that you check your agreement with your funder for specific details. The Coalition S site lists their current member funders.

Wiley's routes to open access

  • Fully Open Access journals
  • Hybrid journals and institutional agreements
  • Self-archiving/Green open access

Fully Open Access journals

We publish over 200 Open Access journals. Browse the full list here.

Licensing: some of our journals offer multiple CC-BY license types; check our Author Compliance Tool for more information.

Hybrid journals

Most of Wiley's subscription-based journals offer an open access option, allowing you to publish your article open access in your chosen journal. These journals are referred to as “Hybrid”.

Check our Author Compliance Tool to find out if the journal you wish to submit to offers this option and for information on the licenses available.

Institutional agreements

Wiley is also committed to delivering open access options on a larger scale via the negotiation of country-level agreements (known as Transformational Agreements) combining access (reading) and publishing. Click here to view all of our current Transformational Agreements.

You must be the corresponding author of the article to be eligible for funding through these agreements. For more information and to view full eligibility criteria, check the individual agreement pages.

Self-archiving/Green open access

If you are unable to publish your article open access, the following policies lay out how you can share your article.

Authors are permitted to self-archive the submitted (preprint) version of the article at any time and may self-archive the accepted (peer-reviewed) version usually after an embargo period.

The standard embargo period is 12 months for scientific, technical, medical, and psychology (STM) journals and 24 months for social science and humanities (SSH) journals following publication of the final article. For version definitions and more information on our Self-Archiving policy, please visit this page. Use our Author Compliance Tool to check the self-archiving policy of individual journals.

Journals that follow our standard policy are therefore not compatible with cOAlition S through their “Rights Retention Strategy”. If you choose to publish your article with Wiley, you will be asked to sign a license agreeing to the terms for publishing with Wiley, including the self-archiving policy.