The benefits of publishing open access

By removing access barriers to published research, open access makes research findings available to everyone – driving forward the pace and strength of global innovation and invention.

As an author, you can be confident that by choosing open access your work has the best chance to be read, cited and shared.

Publishing gold open access:

  • Complies with funder or institution mandates
  • Allows you to retain copyright through a CC-BY license
  • Enables automatic deposit in PMC (when appropriate)

Across the Wiley portfolio open access articles typically perform better than articles requiring a subscription to read them:

3.2x Downloads
On average, open access articles were downloaded more than three times as much as subscription articles
1.5x Citations
Open access articles were cited 50 per cent more compared to subscription articles
2.7x Altmetric Score
Open access articles received nearly three times as much Altmetric attention as subscription articles

Take a look at our white paper Demonstrating the Advantage of Open Access for more information.

Publish with ease for quality, reach and impact:

  • Ease: Publish quickly and easily
  • Quality: Create the best outcome for your work
  • Reach: Generate the maximum visibility for your research
  • Impact: Maximize and measure the impact of your work.