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Author Compliance Tool

Use our ACT to check the ORCID policy of your selected journal.

Distinguish yourself with ORCID

ORCID iD is a unique and persistent identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and connects you to your research activities, so you always get the credit for your work.

  • Funders, institutions, and societies can easily identify you and your research
  • You don’t waste time entering repetitive data when reporting on your past activities
  • Your professional activities are clearly linked back to you
  • You can easily comply with funder mandates

Watch our video to learn more about how ORCID benefits you:

More than 700 systems – from academic libraries to manuscript submission sites – have integrated ORCID iDs and some funders now require iDs as part of the grant application process.

Wiley is a member of ORCID and has integrated the functionality into our online submission systems. To make for easy compliance and improve your publishing experience, most of Wiley’s journal submission sites allow you to create an ORCID iD and associate it with your account.

ScholarOne Manuscripts

Wiley encourages all authors to register for an ORCID iD and associate it with their ScholarOne account. Many Wiley journals using ScholarOne also require submitting authors (only) to provide an ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript.

ScholarONe iD account

Learn how to associate your iD with your ScholarOne account

Learn how to associate your iD with your ScholarOne account

Learn how to provide your iD during manuscript submission

Including your ORCID iD with your article submission improves the discoverability of your work and creates more opportunity for recognition. You will only have to supply an ORCID iD during submission once for every ScholarOne journal site, saving valuable time. Wiley then deposits the author’s iD to Crossref where the ORCID record will be automatically updated upon article publication, provided the author has given permission for Crossref to do so. Learn more about ORCID and Crossref’s automatic update functionality.

ORCiD Member Badges

Editorial Manager

Some Wiley journals using Editorial Manager have enabled a Single Sign-On, allowing you to login to different journal sites using your ORCID iD. This process also associates your iD with your journal account. Follow these simple steps to complete. For questions, please contact your chosen journal’s editorial office.


Some Wiley journals using eJP require corresponding authors to provide ORCID iDs either as a condition for submission or publication. Please contact your chosen journal's editorial office for more information on their ORCID policy.