Smart, simple submission with Research Exchange

We wanted to make submission better for everyone. That's why we created Research Exchange.

Research Exchange is our submission platform for authors, designed to reduce the time it takes to submit your manuscript and to make the process easier, more user-friendly, and more enjoyable. After submitting, your manuscript will automatically export to the journal's manuscript tracking system where editorial and peer review work proceed normally. Over 1,000 Wiley journals across subject areas have already migrated to the new platform, with more journals coming soon.

What makes Research Exchange different?

  • Uploading your manuscript files is fast and easy
  • Your manuscript details are automatically scanned and displayed for you to check
  • Takes a fraction of the time of traditional manuscript submission
  • Log in with CONNECT, the same login you use for Wiley Online Library — no need to create new accounts for each journal
  • A best-in-class, more modern submission experience

What are the steps to submit with Research Exchange?

  1. Upload your manuscript files
  2. Verify your manuscript details were identified correctly
  3. Confirm any additional details about your manuscript
  4. Submit to send it for editorial and peer review

If you're a Wiley journal editor, click here to learn more about using Research Exchange for your journal in the Wiley Editor Community site.