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It takes a lot of people to create a book. On this page, you'll find a rundown of the professionals you may come across during the publication process.

The internal Wiley Team - Who's Who

At Wiley, we believe in specialism. So all the Wiley professionals you work with, from Commissioning to Content Enablement to Production to Marketing, will be working on a portfolio of books from your academic field.

Commissioning Editor

Your first port of call. Wiley's Commissioning Editors decide what we publish. They travel internationally to meet current and prospective authors and editors to discuss new publications or business projects. And they help authors turn great ideas into great books.

If you have an idea for a book, your first step is to submit a proposal to the Commissioning Editor.

Commissioning Editors retain overall responsibility for the content of your book throughout the publishing process but delegate decision-making authority to various colleagues once your contract is signed.

Assistant Editor/Managing Editor/Editorial Assistant

Each Commissioning Editor is assisted in their work by a colleague who provides administrative and publishing support. Assistants are responsible for sending contracts out for signature, coordinating peer review, liaising with you about cover image choices, and sending out complimentary copies of the published book.

Project Editor

When your signed contract is returned to Wiley, the Commissioning Editor hands over management to a Project Editor who takes on responsibility for completion of the manuscript in line with contractual requirements and due date. Your Project Editor will be in touch with you at regular intervals to check on progress and can provide the technical assistance you may need to help you complete your work on time and to the best possible presentational standard. Once your manuscript is received in house, the Project Editor assesses it, checks that you have obtained the necessary permissions for third-party content you are using, and sends you a query list of outstanding issues. Once these have been resolved the Project Editor hands the title over to the production department.

Production Editor/Project Manager

Your go-to person once the book is in production is the Production Editor or Project Manager (the role just depends on the production location). They work to ensure that your book is copyedited to the standard that your research deserves and they oversee all the processes through to the final products. If you have any questions during the production process, your named Production Editor or Project Manager will assist you.

Marketing Manager

Your Marketing Manager will be an expert in the market that your book will be entering. They may arrange market research, competitive analysis and a PR plan, so that we understand where and how to sell your book.

Your Marketing Manager will also be happy to advise you on your own promotion of your book.

Sales Manager

Your Sales Manager will be out and about, going to book fairs, meeting with libraries, and talking to key people in your market. When we make the decision to publish your book, a sales plan will be drawn up, so that your book finds its way to the people who need it.