Preparing Chemical Structures

When preparing chemical structures, please follow the Wiley standards outlined below:

Fixed Length 12.6 pt
Line Width 0.6 pt
Margin Width 1.0 pt
Chain Angle 120 deg
Bold Width 1.75 pt
Hash Spacing 1.8 pt
Bond Spacing 18% of length (= 2.27 pt)
Font Helvetica or Arial (consistent please)
Atom Labels and Captions 9 pt
Lettering Above and Below Reaction Arrows 7 pt

Please note:

  • Bonds going AWAY FROM the observer should be dashed bonds. Dashed wedge bonds should be changed to dashed bonds, and weak bonds to dotted bonds.
  • Please ask your Wiley contact for the type area of your book. If creating a new document you may choose the document settings. Please choose “page” (not “poster”) as the document type and the respective document size. This way you help the typesetter to insert appropriate line breaks for longer chemical equations.


Chemical Structure_Example Preparation Chemical Structure_Example Preparation 2