Page Layout

Wiley has a series of designs for our print titles adapted to the different trim sizes and subjects of book content we publish. We have created these designs based on our experience and feedback from our authors. They provide us with the opportunity to update the look of our content so that it works well in all our publishing formats, both print and digital formats that use each print design. There is flexibility to ensure that these designs work with your content whatever the subject area or printed trim size.

Our typesetters are very experienced at working with these designs and they allow us to move from stage to stage in the production process in a streamlined manner, minimizing errors during typesetting. You will be given a clear indication of the number of words/figures that you should be creating which will give you an accurate idea of the length of your book once printed.

Also, as all our book content will use these standard designs, any content that is repackaged for sale in other formats (such as digital or print on demand custom publications) will have a consistent look and feel. Some digital formats (such as ePUB) do not follow the print layout but use their own standard style, which is optimized for use on devices.