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Submitting your own electronic artwork helps cut publication time and gives you more control over how we present your data. To help you get the best printed figures, we have a few simple standards. 

Line art: charts, graphs and illustrations

Line art

Encapsulated PostScript ( EPS  ) or 
800 dpi TIFF CMYK  colour or greyscale 
Continuous tone: photographs, micrographs etc.

Continuous tone

250300 dpi TIFF(CMYK colour or greyscale) 
Combinations of photographs, labelling, line art and annotation

Combination figures

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) or 
800 dpi TIFF(CMYK colour or greyscale) 

You don't need professional, expensive illustration software to create print quality figures. Create PostScript from any application

A selection of miscellaneous digital imaging resources and downloads  for authors is available for review. 

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