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Electronic Artwork Checklist

Before submitting your artwork you may find it helpful to take a moment to run down the following checklist.

  • Your artwork meets our artwork standards and specifications
  • Your artwork is, where possible, correctly sized and proportioned. Consult the journal Author Guidelines or journal editor for more information
  • You have used standard fonts
  • Your labelling is well sized (8/10pt is adequate)
  • Charts, graphs and illustrations have been converted to encapsulated PostScript  (preferred) or 600 dpi bitmaps  (the latter at their intended print size)
  • Photographs ( continuous tone  ) with no labelling have been supplied as TIFFs  at 300 dpi at their intended print size
  • Annotated/combination figures  have been created using correctly sized TIFFs at 300 dpi
  • You have restored the size of TIFFs embedded in PowerPoint presentations 
  • Annotated/combination figures have been converted to encapsulated PostScript (preferred) or 600 dpi TIFFs at their intended print size
  • Black and white TIFFs (either alone in annotated form) are saved in grayscale  mode
  • Colour TIFFs (either alone or in annotated form) are, where possible, in CMYK  mode
  • You haven't supplied JPEG   or GIF   files or converted these files to TIFF or EPS
  • Figure files have been clearly named  with a correct PC suffix (even Mac users!)   .eps for encapsulated PostScript    .tif for TIFF    are clearly named, e.g. not Fig1.eps (these are easily lost!)
  • All multipart figures have been saved as clearly named separate files or have been embedded into a single figure
  • You have submitted adequate hard copies for comparison if colour critical
  • Accompanying figure legends have been included in the manuscript text submission
  • You have not repeated information in a key in the legend (either one or the other is best, not both, and overcomplex keys should be avoided for clarity)
  • Figures have been cited in the text in numerical order 
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