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Wiley-Blackwell House Style Guide

The Wiley-Blackwell House Style Guide has been produced for the use of authors, editors, production editors, freelances, copy-editors, and typesetters. The level of consistency that this guide promotes is intended to assist all those involved in the production of Wiley-Blackwell publications. The Wiley-Blackwell definition of copy-editing is best described as technical or mechanical editing, which involves language editing, mechanical style (style related to content) and format (visual style).

Technical or mechanical editing includes applying house style, technical style, formatting, consistency and correcting grammar. Creative or substantive editing is not usually within the remit of the Wiley-Blackwell copy-editor and is not commented upon.

This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive account of all that is necessary for the presentation of research material, and should be used in conjunction with texts that have greater scope (see recommended references). Some journals and subject areas employ their own systems and conventions and the intention is not to impose upon them a rigid style, but rather to establish a framework within which they can operate.

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