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Electronic Artwork Guidelines

Submitting artwork in appropriate formats helps to ensure that the highest possible quality of reproduction can be achieved in both the online and print versions of your article. Our Electronic Artwork Guidelines introduce and explain standards and formats for the preparation of electronic artwork, and how to submit artwork for publication.

Review the full Electronic Artwork Guidelines (PDF 364 KB)

The checklist below also gives a quick guide to submitting publication-quality electronic artwork:
  • Check that your artwork conforms to the style and layout required by the journal. You can check these requirements in the Author Guidelines available on the journal’s home page
  • Save line art such as charts, graphs and illustrations in EPS or PDF format. Most programs have a ‘Save as...’ or ‘Export...’ feature to allow you to do this
  • Save photographic images in TIFF format. These should be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi at final size
  • Save figures containing a combination of photographic images and text (eg annotated photographic images with text labels) as EPS or PDF. Any photographic images embedded within these should be at least 300 dpi
  • Perform a visual check of the quality of the generated image. You should be able to zoom in to about 300% without the image becoming noticeably blurred or pixelated. If the image does appear pixelated at this zoom, then try going back to the original image and checking that it complies with the recommended format and settings
  • If the file size of the generated images is very large then try saving them in a .zip archive (or other compressed format such as .rar) to reduce the file size. Alternatively, you can send large files to the publisher by FTP transfer

If you find that you are unable to produce electronic artwork in these formats or resolutions then you can read further information in the Electronic Artwork Guidelines. If all else fails, please submit the figures in their original file format to the production editor of the journal.

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