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Manuscript Submission

Wiley publishes journals across a wide range of disciplines. To learn more, we recommend visiting Wiley Online Library, where you can browse journals alphabetically, by subject area or by keyword.

Many journals now offer manuscript submission via ScholarOneTM Manuscripts, formerly known as Manuscript Central. Please review the Author Guidelines for a specific journal to learn about its submission requirements and determine if the journal accepts manuscripts via ScholarOne Manuscripts. Use the Author Guidelines by Journal link from the section at right to view guidelines for your chosen journals. Wiley journal citation formats are contained within Endnote and Reference Manager, and can be downloaded here.

Submitting Manuscripts via ScholarOne Manuscripts

To submit a manuscript, please follow the instructions below. 

Authors: Please note that ScholarOne Manuscripts is a separate application. You will need a ScholarOne account for each journal to which you want to submit a paper.

Getting Started 

  1. Access a journal's ScholarOne Manuscripts site by finding the journal's homepage on Wiley Online Library and then clicking on the "Submit an Article" link on the left side of the journal homepage. 
  2. Log-in or click the Create Account option if you are a first-time user of ScholarOne Manuscripts. 
  3. If you are creating a new account: 
    1. After clicking on Create Account, enter your name and e-mail information and click Next. Your e-mail information is very important. Please make sure this is entered correctly. 
    2. Enter your institution and address information as prompted then click Next. 
    3. Enter a user ID and password of your choice (we recommend using your e-mail address as your user ID) and then select your area of expertise. Click Finish when done. 
    4. If you have an account but have forgotten your log in details, go to Password Help on the journals ScholarOne Manuscripts homepage and enter your email address. The system will send you an email containing instructions on how to reset your password.
  4. Log-in and select Author Center.

Submitting Your Manuscript 

  1. After you have logged in and clicked on "Author Centre", click the Submit a Manuscript link. 
  2. Enter data and answer questions as prompted 
  3. Click on the Next button on each screen to save your work and advance to the next screen. 
  4. You are required to upload your files: 
    1. Click on the Browse button and locate the file on your computer.
    2. Select the designation of each file in the drop-down next to the Browse button.
    3. When you have selected all files you wish to upload, click the Upload button. 
      a. NOTE: you have a limit of 100MB combined for all files you upload
    4. Review your submission (in both PDF and HTML formats) before sending to the Editors. Click the Submit button when you are done reviewing.   

You may suspend a submission at any phase before clicking the Submit button and save it to submit later. After submission, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. You can also log on to ScholarOne Manuscripts at any time to check the status of your manuscript. The Journal will notify you by e-mail once a decision has been made. 

Getting Help With Your Submission 

If you require technical assistance with ScholarOne Manuscripts, you will find details of how to contact ScholarOne Support directly by clicking the GET HELP NOW link that appears at the top of every ScholarOne Manuscripts page. Alternatively, please contact the Editorial Office by telephone or by e-mail. Contact details are available at the journal home page (using the Author Guidelines by Journal link at the right).

For more of the latest information on preparing your manuscript for submission, including permission and copyright, references, text and figure formatting, and details on supporting information, please visit our Author Resources site.

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