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Author Checklist

Please complete this form, print out and submit with the hard copies of your manuscript.

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Have you submitted one disk copy and two double-spaced hard copies of your manuscript?

Have you ensured that the disk and hard copy are identical?

Have you retained an electronic copy of the manuscript for your records?

Have you supplied all the figures and tables and their captions?

Have you cross-checked all the references? All the references that appear in the text must also appear in the reference list and vice versa.

Have you applied for and received permission to reproduce previously published material and is all the relevant correspondence included with the manuscript?

Are any acknowledgements to previously published work correct and complete?

Have you included the title page showing the book's full title, the author(s)/editor(s) title(s), name(s), position(s), qualifications and full postal address(es)?

Is there a complete and accurate list of contents?

If this is an edited volume, have you supplied a list of contributors showing their titles, names, positions, qualifications and full contact details including e-mail addresses?

Have you supplied, where applicable, a preface, foreword, general introduction and section introductions, list of abbreviations, acknowledgements, dedication, epigraph(s) and/or a chronology?

If this is an edited volume, within the last two months have you approved the final version of each chapter with the relevant contributor?

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