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Editing, translation and formatting support for authors

We believe that language shouldn't be a barrier to getting your quality research published.

But every year hundreds of papers are rejected because editors and reviewers are not able to accurately assess the research due to language issues.

English language editing services, such as the Wiley Editing Services, are a way to prevent that from happening. It benefits the publishing process by:

  • Improving quality - Ensures a high standard for the language, style, and flow of articles.
  • Emphasising the research - Avoids rejection due to English language and formatting issues.
  • Saving time and effort - Prevents formatting issues and lengthy review times.
  • Providing equal opportunities - Assists authors of all nationalities and experience levels in bringing research to the global community.

The Wiley Editing Services are available to any author, meaning that the author doesn't have to submit their manuscript to a Wiley journal in order to use the service.

If you are asked for help by an author who is struggling to get published because of their language, suggest that they visit www.wileyeditingservices.com.

That way, you can ensure that the best possible research will make it into your journal, no matter where it comes from.