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Managing Open Access

Open access articles are freely available to read, download and share.

At Wiley, we offer two Open Access options to authors:

Gold Open Access

With gold open access, articles are immediately available to readers for free. Instead of readers paying for access via subscriptions, authors are asked to pay an Article Publication Charge (APC) to cover the costs of publishing. APC amounts vary by journal. Authors won't be asked to pay anything until after their article is accepted.

Green Open Access

Green open access, also called self-archiving, is when the author, institution or publisher places a version of the article online in a repository or website after publishing in a subscription-based journal - making it freely available to everyone.

For more information on the open access options offered by Wiley, please visit our guide to Open Access.

OA Mandates for Funders and Journals

Funders often have specific policies on how their funded research can be published, especially with regard to OA. You may get questions from authors on this topic, so it's worth having the facts at your fingertips.

When a manuscript is submitted, the author should include funder information so the appropriate license, compliant with the funder's policy, is used. Not indicating the funder during this process may require a resigning of the copyright or open access agreement at a later date to make the article compliant. Authors can use our Author Compliance Tool to check the open access policies of their funder or institution against your journal.

Wiley has unique agreements with some funders so that authors can comply with open access policies when submitting and publishing in Wiley journals. For details about these agreements, please visit Funder Agreements.

Your author's funder or institution may be willing to pay the Article Publication Charge for them. Authors can visit our Author Compliance Tool and Wiley Open Access Account pages to find out more.

If your authors have questions, or need support selecting the correct open access option, you can direct them to cs-openaccess@wiley.com