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How to create a great Aims and Scope statement

Your journals aims and scope are trying to do two things. Simply put, you're articulating the what and the how to your audience.

  • The aim: what the journal is trying to accomplish
  • The scope: how the journal will accomplish the aim

For a powerful aims and scope, follow these tips:

Be Concise

  • Remove superfluous details and avoid lengthy sentences.
  • Avoid repetition

Be Specific

  • Outline the benefits for your key audiences of authors and researchers - what will they get out of reading your journal?
  • Use evidence to back up claims and highlight achievements.

Be Straightforward

  • Use clear language that considers your global audience
  • Use jargon and acronyms sparingly
  • Choose an appropriate tone, but do not be afraid of enthusiasm. It's okay demonstrate your passion for the subject and the journal