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Judging news value

The most important thing to consider when deciding if a paper is suitable for a publicity campaign is: "What is this paper's news value?" or put another way "how valuable is this paper to a journalist?"

Journalists at all levels of the media are under pressure to find stories on tight deadlines. They judge a story's news value, in order to make quick decisions about running a potential news item.

The two most important elements of news value? It must be interesting to the readership and it must be new.

However, there are several other key factors which comprise news value. The more of these your paper covers the more likely it is to hit the headlines. Read our guidelines to judging news value .

If you or your authors feel that an article meets all of these criteria, contact your Wiley representative to discuss how to proceed.

For a lively, informal guide to the media, with practical tips for early career scientists, we recommend Sense About Science's "Standing up for Science" booklet.