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Sharing research with video

Video is a great way for authors to share their research and allow authors to provide background and context for their work in a short, understandable, and shareable format.

How to help your authors make a great video

  1. Reassure them
  2. Authors sometimes feel awkward about appearing on camera, but they can create a great video just being themselves. A supportive editor can help boost their confidence.

  3. Keep it informal
  4. Videos work best when authors speak naturally and passionately about their research. Simply reading the abstract aloud won't engage viewers.

  5. Spread the word
  6. Videos are perfect for sharing. Recommend your authors upload their video to YouTube and share it on social media. Once the author has uploaded it, yor journal or society social channels can reshare it to boost the reach of your author and your journal.

If your author needs help creating a video

Refer your author to the Video Creation service from Wiley Editing Services. This service creates professional videos to turn research findings into an engaging and accessible overview, perfect for sharing on websites and social media to extend reach and visibility.