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Bring research to life with video abstracts

Wiley partners with Research Square to offer a video abstract service to authors. To learn more about creating a Video Abstract or Video Byte with Research Square, visit the website.

A video abstract is a two to five minute video introduction to an article, outlining what the research is about and why it's important. They usually feature the authors speaking on camera and can be intercut with animation, images, and text.

Video abstracts allow the author to directly address their audience and provide the background and context for their work in a quick and easy format.

A video abstract is a useful tool for removing some of the complexity from research, helping authors bring their work to life. This ultimately helps readers to better connect with the research and grasp the key findings more readily.

How to help your authors make a great video abstract

  1. Reassure them
  2. Authors sometimes feel awkward about appearing on camera, but they don't need to be super-slick to do a great video abstract. A supportive editor can do wonders for their confidence, and they'll see the difference in their citation numbers.

  3. Keep it informal
  4. Video abstracts don't work if they feature the author simply reading the written abstract out loud on screen. Encourage your author to speak from the heart about their research.

  5. Spread the word
  6. Video abstracts are generally uploaded to Youtube. From there, you can post them to your society website, social media, and anywhere else that your journal has a presence online.

    By the same token, we recommend adding a link to your article into the YouTube "description" field under the video so that people watching can easily click to see your article.

  7. Point them to best practice
  8. Authors wishing to create a video abstract should visit our guide to video abstracts.