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Managing Peer Review

At Wiley we believe that peer review is the foundation for safeguarding the quality and integrity of scientific and scholarly research.

In this section, you can learn more about your Peer Review duties as an editor.

The Peer-Review Process

Reviewers play an essential role in helping editors decide which papers to publish based on an evaluation of their topicality, rigor of argument, experimental design, and originality.

The peer review process can be broadly summarized in 10 steps, found here: The Peer Review Process.

Reviewer Scoresheets

The reviewer scoresheet is the form sent to reviewers to structure their responses. Not all journals use a scoresheet, but we've found it's the best way to ensure all the key issues are addressed.

Read our recommendations about how to customise the scoresheet to encourage the most helpful reviews:

Finding Reviewers

Journals often struggle to find a sufficient number of reviewers who are willing to review in a timely manner, particularly in niche areas. See our guide to strategies for finding additional reviewers.

Chasing Reviewers

Manuscripts need to be processed in a timely manner to ensure author satisfaction and to avoid publication delays, but the review process needs to remain robust and rigourous. See our advice for managing reviewer delays