Institutional & Funder Accounts

Wiley Open Access Account
Pre-pay account to help authors with open access Article Publication Charges (APCs).

What benefits will Wiley Open Access Accounts provide to your institution?

  • Flexible: You choose which journal(s) or group of journals to include: hybrid and/or fully open access journals, selected journal(s)
  • Budgetary Control: You choose how much to deposit initially* and can top-up amount at any time
  • Low Risk: Carry-over of unspent deposit amount into next year and indefinitely
  • Easy management and administration of funds through the Wiley Open Access Account Dashboard:
    • Check Account balance
    • Download detailed open access spend reports: view all open access papers you have funded
    • Add funds to top-up Account balance: generate an invoice when you want to add more money to your Account
    • Review and approve or deny open access payment requests from your authors

*Minimum initial deposit amount required

View the list of institutions and funders with a Wiley Open Access Account.

Wiley complies with the Wellcome Trust’s Open Access requirements of publishers. We will consider requests for partial reimbursement of APCs from funder and institutional customers in the event that we do not materially comply with such requirements.