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Open Recognition & Reward
Making sure researchers get credit for all their work

We are constantly under pressure to demonstrate and celebrate the impact of research, and publication is a cornerstone of this impact. We are committed to providing tools and programs to ensure you can get credit for your work.

  • Create an ORCID iD when you submit your paper to connect you with your research activities
  • Maximize and measure the impact of your work through our Promotional Toolkit - supported through Kudos and Altmetric
  • Get credit for your peer review work through our program with Publons to recognize and reward the contribution of peer reviewers
  • Open Research Badges enable you to gain recognition and reward for taking advantage of the new transparent choices Wiley journals offer, such as data sharing and Registered Reports. When you’re considering a journal to publish your work in, they’re a signal to you that the journal values open research, and when you adopt a transparent practice, you’ll get a badge appearing on your article.
  • CRediT (Contribution Roles Taxonomy) allows for a standardized description of each author’s individual contribution to an article. This increases transparency around who participated in the research and the writing of the article. Authors are encouraged to adopt the CRediT taxonomy, and increasingly many Wiley journals are integrating CRediT into the manuscript submission process to include the information alongside the published article. For more information, see here.