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Waivers and Discounts

For authors publishing in Wiley Open Access journals, Wiley offers waivers and discounts to authors based in developing countries.

To ensure that editorial decisions are never influenced by ability to pay, it is Wiley policy that editors of open access journals are not involved in correspondence with authors regarding payment of article publication charges (APCs). The automatic waiver system will be managed by administrative staff not involved in decisions regarding article acceptance. We ask authors not to discuss any issues concerning payment with editors.

In addition to the Research4Life countries listed below, some journals may offer additional waiver initiatives. These additional waivers will be managed by the editors and may be discussed with them.

Automatic Waivers

Authors based in the following countries are eligible to receive an automatic waiver for APCs when publishing in a Wiley Open Access journal:

Afghanistan Guyana Republic of Moldova
Angola Haiti Rwanda
Bangladesh Honduras Samoa
Belize Iraq Sao Tome and Principe
Benin Kiribati Senegal
Bhutan Kiribati Seychelles
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Kyrgyzstan Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso Lao People's Democratic Republic Solomon Islands
Burundi Lesotho Somalia
Cabo Verde Liberia South Sudan
Cambodia Madagascar Sri Lanka
Cameroon Malawi St. Helena
Central African Republic Malawi Sudan
Chad Mali Suriname
Comoros Marshall Islands Swaziland
Comoros Marshall Islands Swaziland
Congo Mauritania Tajikistan
Cook Islands Micronesia (Federated States of) Timor-Leste
Côte d'Ivoire Mongolia Togo
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Morocco Tokelau
Democratic Republic of Congo Mozambique Tonga
Djibouti Myanmar Turkmenistan
El Salvador Namibia Tuvalu
Equatorial Guinea Nauru Uganda
Eritrea Nepal United Republic of Tanzania
Ethiopia Nicaragua Uzbekistan
Fiji Niger Vanuatu
Gabon Nigeria Viet Nam
Gambia Niue West Bank and Gaza Strip
Ghana Palau Yemen
Guatemala Papua New Guinea Zambia
Guinea Refugee Camps (UNHCR) Zimbabwe

Automatic Discounts

Authors based in the following countries are eligible to receive a 50% discount on APCs when publishing in a Wiley Open Access journal:

Albania Georgia Saint Kitts and Nevis
Algeria Grenada Saint Lucia
Argentina Jamaica Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Armenia Jordan Syrian Arab Republic
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Botswana Mauritius Tunisia
Dominica Montenegro Ukraine
Ecuador Paraguay