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Preparing the Illustrations

If you have agreed with your editor that you will provide finished artwork, it is vital that you submit sample illustrations as early as possible. Please bear in mind that illustrations are processed separately to the text. As long as figures are cited correctly in the text, this gives us sufficient guidance as to where to position them on the page. Therefore, please do not embed the figures in the text, but supply them as separate files.

General points

Figure numbering

  • Number the figures sequentially, according to their appearance in the text, and the chapter number, e.g. Fig. 3.4 is the fourth figure in Chapter 3
  • Check that each figure is cited in the text, e.g. 'The difference between the two curves in Fig. 11.3 gives a clear indication of...'
  • Ensure that figures are well labelled, e.g. units on the x- and y-axes are marked; all relevant areas of an anatomical figure are identified
  • If there are several parts to a figure, label them as 3.4(a), 3.4(b), 3.4(c), etc.
  • Ensure that spellings and abbreviations on the figures are consistent with those used in the text
  • Identify all figures with the book's title, your name, chapter number and figure number
  • If reusing figures for a new edition, indicate clearly which figures are to be reused and the new numbering    

Figure captions

  • Supply a caption for each figure. Keep the caption succinct and reserve more detailed discussion for the text
  • Supply a list of numbered figure captions at the end of each chapter
  • If a previously published figure has been reproduced, permission  should be sought and the appropriate credit line added to the end of the caption, e.g. 'From Brown (1999) with permission', 'Adapted from Brown (1999)'. Any references mentioned in credit lines should be listed in their entirety in the reference list
  • If a figure has several parts, ensure that all parts are explained in the caption
  • Add a key to the caption if there are arrows, symbols, letters or abbreviations not used elsewhere    


For guidance on fees, please refer to the section on Permissions
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