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Authors - Preparing the Text

What to send us 

At Wiley-Blackwell, we ask authors to submit their manuscripts electronically, together with two hard copies. We prefer you to submit your text in Word for Windows, although we are able to convert most word-processing programs. Please send us:

Electronic copy

  • Save each chapter on a floppy disk as a separate file
  • Name each file logically, e.g. 01chap, 02chap 10chap (inserting a zero will keep the chapters in numerical order)
  • Within each file, arrange your material in this order:
    • Text
    • References
    • Tables
    • Figure captions
    • Table captions     
  • Figures should be supplied separately (see Preparing the Illustrations  )
  • Label the disk with your surname, the book title, a list of the files and the date     

Hard copy

  • The final version of the hard copy (two copies printed out in double spacing) and the electronic file must be identical. For any crucial late amendments that are made after the final version has been submitted, please contact your editor.     

Remember to retain an electronic copy of the manuscript for your own records. 

A completed checklist 

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