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Sales and Marketing

The quality of the authors, content and production of our books is carried through into our approach to sales and marketing. Each title has its own individual marketing plan and is promoted with thought, attention and expertise. Your book won't get treated as 'just another title' on an undifferentiated list. Within each Business Unit (Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences), marketers work with commissioning editors on particular subject disciplines. Their expert specialist knowledge informs all our marketing plans.

We welcome your input into our marketing and you will receive an author promotion questionnaire to fill in so that you can contribute at an early stage.

Global Marketing 

When you sign a contract with Wiley-Blackwell, you don't sign with our US office or a European office; you sign with our global enterprise. With our worldwide network of offices, we can offer international and regional marketing expertise. 

TopBooks and Journals 

Wiley-Blackwell books and journals are promoted together in many of our marketing communications, giving us great visibility in the areas in which we publish, and offering our customers a range of research and teaching material. So, for example: 

  • We have privileged access to detailed customer profiles for all our publications and use this data in marketing campaigns 
  • We can advertise your book in relevant Blackwell owned and published journals 
  • We create and maintain web services which serve the teaching and research needs of our customers

TopBookshops and Libraries 

Our sales representatives work closely with major bookstore chains and library suppliers, to offer them excellent customer service and to maximise sales through their high street and campus bookshops. We also work with Internet bookstores as these outlets continue to grow, to ensure that they keep up-to-date information on all our books. 

TopOur Customer Database 

We hold precise information on more than half a million existing and potential customers on our database. We target these customers by their buying history, by the subdisciplines in which they are interested, and by their profession. We don't send them junk mail. We use our data for: 

  • Direct mail - sending catalogues, brochures and leaflets to society and journal subscriber lists, rented lists and our own customer lists to ensure that we reach the relevant audiences 
  • Electronic alerting - e-mailing relevant information to our customers' desktops, ensuring that every e-mail is sensitive and targeted to the right customer group

TopThe Internet 

Our company website and our subject-specific websites ensure that Blackwell books are easily available for sale via the Internet. We also run e-mail marketing campaigns and customers are encouraged to register with our e-mail alerting services. 

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