Share your research with videos

Video is a powerful way to communicate research findings, and they have proven impact on article usage metrics. We recently completed an analysis to compare key article usage metrics of articles with a video against the average metric values of articles that published in the same issue.

Articles with a video averaged:

  • 10% higher Altmetric Attention scores
  • 80% higher full text views on Wiley Online Library

How to use video to promote your research?

You can include a video in most of your article promotion efforts.

  • Share it on your social media channels (and ask your department or institution to share it on theirs)
  • Include it on your personal website and Kudos publication details
  • Include it in a SlideShare about your article
  • Use it in conference presentations
  • Email it to colleagues and peers
  • Send it to your local press office
  • Link to it from future grant applications

Want help creating a video? Consider Wiley Editing Services.

Wiley Editing Services offers a professional Video Creation service that turns your findings into an engaging and accessible overview, perfect for sharing on websites and social media to extend the reach and visibility of your research.

Visit our Promotion Guide page for more best practice recommendations on promoting your research.