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Bring your research to life with video abstracts

Extend the reach and visibility of your research by creating a video abstract. For a fee, Wiley—in partnership with Research Square—offers you the opportunity to outline the key findings of your published article in a dynamic video. Through this multimedia content, colleagues, funders and anyone else interested in your work can experience your research anytime, anywhere.

How can I use my video to further my career?

When you create a video abstract, your research becomes accessible in a whole new way. Make sure everyone around the world sees your video:

  • Coordinate a press release with your institution's publicity department
  • Display it on your personal or departmental website
  • Give your LinkedIn profile a boost by including the Vimeo link
  • Share it on social media through Twitter or Facebook
  • Present it at a conference or in a grant proposal
  • Attract potential collaborators by using it to summarize your findings

Want more tips? With your finished video, you'll also receive a toolkit to help with promoting, optimizing and tracking the success of your video.

For more information, read our FAQs below or visit the video abstract website.

What is a video abstract?

A video abstract is a 2–4 minute animation of your article, designed to highlight the key findings and benefits of your research. The goal is to create an accurate synopsis of your published article.

Who creates the video abstracts?

Wiley partners with Research Square to offer this service. The video production team is composed of writers, voice-over artists, illustrators and animators with advanced degrees from top research universities.

Which version of my article should I submit to create the video?

You can submit the accepted or published version of your article. If you submit the accepted version, please alert the video production team of any substantial changes to the article prior to publication.

How can I be sure the science of my research will be accurately represented?

When you make your submission for a video abstract, your article will be matched to a writer who's also a researcher in your field. You will also be asked to provide feedback and final approval on the script for your video, ensuring that you're involved with production from beginning to end.

Besides my manuscript, what should I provide the production team?

When uploading your work to our website, you might consider including:
• All original, high-resolution figure or image files
• A summary slide of your research
• Any short videos or other multimedia content that has been produced to accompany your article

All file types smaller than 100 MB are acceptable. For images, high-resolution (300 dpi) TIFF or JPG files are preferred. High-resolution (1000+ dpi) EPS and PDF files are most ideal for line art, such as graphs.

How much does it cost to create a video abstract?

The price of a video abstract is 995 USD. Please keep in mind that additional script revisions (beyond the complimentary first round) are 100 USD each.

How long does it take to make a video abstract?

On average, it takes 3–4 weeks to create a video abstract. This can vary depending on the length of revision time.

Where can I access the final version of my video?

The final version of your video abstract will be uploaded to Brightcove and Vimeo, which you can link to in your online promotion. Follow the Vimeo link to download your own copy.

Do all Wiley journals offer this service?

No. View our list to see which journals allow you to create a video abstract.