Preprint your article with Under Review, Powered by Authorea

Under Review is Wiley’s new service to streamline the early sharing of research and open up the peer review process. You can now easily showcase your work to the global research community as a preprint while it is under review at a number of Wiley’s journals, before it is accepted or published.

Benefits of Under Review

Immediately citable, shareable
Preprints are assigned a DOI and are immediately fully citable and broadly discoverable.
Peer review status timeline
Check the status of your article in real time as it is undergoing peer review. Preprints submitted through Under Review are integrated with the journal’s submission system and display a peer review timeline that updates in real time so you can track the process.
Seamless preprinting
Save time re-uploading files and re-entering information by preprinting at the same time you submit your research for publication. Authorea imports your preprint directly from the manuscript submitted to the journal.
Preprint your manuscript through a process that’s both journal and publisher approved – no need to check preprinting guidelines.
Highly discoverable
Authorea is a powerful open research publishing platform – preprints are rendered in full-text HTML and machine-readable.
Open for comments
Engage the wider community in discussion to improve your manuscript with pre-publication feedback. Authorea’s comment system allows in-line commenting, and authors can easily share their work via social media.

How does Under Review work?

Preprint posting on Authorea through Under Review is a free, optional service. Preprints will be posted after they pass the journal’s initial submission checks, prior to peer review. Posting a preprint on Authorea does not influence the peer review process for your manuscript submission at the journal in any way.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the preprint will automatically move into a journal-branded collection, part of the larger Wiley Open Research collection. If it is rejected, your preprint remains on Authorea where it can be discovered and cited or resubmitted to another journal.

Questions? Learn more at the Under Review FAQ.

Participating Journals

The following journals currently offer the Under Review service, with more being added throughout 2021: