Ethics Guidelines

Wiley's Best Practice Guidelines on Publishing Ethics
A Publisher's Perspective, Second Edition

Our aim for these guidelines remains to support all those involved in scholarly publishing with a summary of best practice guidance from leading organizations around the world.

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Our guidelines are written for societies, editors, authors, librarians, students, funders, corporations, and journalists.

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These guidelines were written by Lisa Deakin, Martine Docking, Chris Graf, Jackie Jones, Tiffany McKerahan, Martin Ottmar, Allen Stevens, Edward Wates, and Deb Wyatt, with additional contributions from Sue Joshua.

  • Lisa Deakin, BSc (Hons), Journal Publishing Manager, Employed by Wiley (Oxford, UK)
  • Martine Docking, BSc, MCom,Commercial Director, Employed by Wiley, Singapore (Asia Pacific)
  • Chris Graf, BSc (Hons), New Business Director, Professional Innovations, Treasurer of COPE, Employed by Wiley (Oxford, UK)
  • Jackie Jones, BA (Hons), Executive Editor, Life Sciences, Employed by Wiley (Oxford,UK)
  • Sue Joshua, Legal Director, Employed by Wiley (Chichester, UK)
  • Tiffany McKerahan, BA, Editor, Life Sciences, Employed by Wiley, Hoboken (New Jersey, USA)
  • Martin Ottmar, Dr. Rer. Nat., Deputy Editor, Advanced Materials & Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Energy Materials, Employed by Wiley-VCH (Weinheim, Germany)
  • Allen Stevens, MA, DPhil, Journal Editorial Director, Health Sciences, Employed by Wiley (Oxford, UK)
  • Edward Wates, VP & Director, Global Journal Content Management, Employed by Wiley (Oxford, UK)
  • Deborah Wyatt, BA (Hons), Editorial Director, Employed by Wiley, Richmond (Vic. Australia)

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the first edition of our ethics guidelines, upon which these guidelines are based: Lise Baltzer, Caroline Black, Alyson Bowman, Suzan Fiack, Andrew Robinson, Diane Scott-Lichter, and Elizabeth Wager.