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Preparing your article

Wiley supports you throughout the manuscript preparation process, from writing and preparing a great article to ensuring it is seen, read, and cited.

To ensure your article has the best chance of acceptance, we recommend you follow your chosen journal's author guidelines (see below). Before you start writing your article, please refer to the following general resources:

  • Writing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of maximizing your article’s discoverability, and a big priority for Wiley. Find out how you can increase the discoverability of your work.

  • Collaborative Authoring Tool - Overleaf Pro
  • With Overleaf Pro you and your co-authors can work together online (and offline) to write, and edit, your next paper. For a number of Wiley journals, authors can use an Overleaf article submission template and submit directly from Overleaf to the journal’s editorial office. More Information

  • Editing, Translation and Formatting Support
  • Wiley Editing Services greatly improves the chances of your manuscript being accepted. Offering expert help in English language editing, translation, manuscript formatting and figure preparation, Wiley Editing Services ensures that your manuscript is ready for submission.

  • Publication Ethics
  • Wiley’s Best Practice Guidelines on Publishing Ethics: A Publisher’s Perspective, Second Edition is widely acknowledged as the industry’s most comprehensive publishing ethics guidance. Review our top ten tips for authors or read the full guidelines.

  • Resources for Writing your Paper
  • Selected Wiley resources on how to write your paper effectively and efficiently covering books, blog posts, and webinars

  • Manuscript Preparation Guidelines
  • Guidelines to help you maintain consistency in language, formatting, and visual style, choose acceptable materials for supporting information, and prepare your artwork for submission.

Journal Author Guidelines

To view the author guidelines for your journal of choice, simply choose the relevant journal, and then select 'Author Guidelines' from the left hand menu (under 'For Contributors').

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