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Review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

Each journal has a set of individual author guidelines which provide advice on how to prepare your paper for submission. We also provide here further detail on specific topics which may be valuable as you prepare your submission.

Preparing Your Submission

Wiley follows an in-house Journals Style Manual to help our copyeditors and proofreaders maintain consistency in language, formatting, and visual style. Authors may find this document useful for understanding technical conventions. Note that some journals may not adhere to all aspects of the Wiley Journals Style Manual, in which case please prepare your submission according to the specifications set out in the Author Guidelines of your chosen journal.

Download Wiley Journals Style Manual PDF

Preparing Supporting Information

If you have supporting information for your manuscript, Wiley will host an approved version with the article online. Our Supporting Information FAQs provide general advice on choosing acceptable materials for supporting information. You should always consult the relevant journal's author guidelines to see whether supporting information is accepted.

Preparing Figures and Illustrations

Our guidelines help you prepare figures, illustrations, and other electronic artwork for publication – so you can achieve the highest possible quality of reproduction in both the online and print versions of your article.

Read our Guidelines for the Preparation of Figures (PDF).

Submitting videos and audio

To submit rich media to be embedded in your article, review Embedded Rich Media (ERM) submission guidelines.