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When you were trained in your field, you were told that promoting your work was part of the job. Ever wish that job was easier?

With our expert guidance, it can be. Take advantage of our promotional support resources and our Promotion Guide below.



Article Share

Share your research with anyone, anywhere with our unique sharing link, allowing access to a full-text, read-only version of your article. This is a perfect way to share your article on websites, social media, Scholarly Collaboration Networks, and via other channels outlined in the Promotion Guide below. Download our Article Sharing Guidelines and read our Article Sharing Guidelines Policy.

Wiley Researcher Academy

This online, on-demand learning program guides you through the publishing process, including a course on communicating your science and driving visibility.Sign up for a free trial!

Wiley Editing Services

Get help telling communicating your research. Wiley Editing Services offers a full suite of Article Promotion services, including professional video, design, and writing services to help you create shareable video abstracts, infographics, conference posters, lay summaries, and research news stories.

Cover Images

Some journals offer the option for authors to submit an image from or related to their article to be featured on the journal issue cover. Once published, you can use your Cover Image in posters, presentations, and videos, and share it on your website and social channels.

Article Promotion Guide

Influence the discovery and readership of your contribution

You’ve invested a significant amount of time into publishing your paper, but you shouldn’t stop there. Your research deserves to be read, shared, and put into policy and practice so it can have the greatest impact in your field. With your help, we can grow the reach of your research.

We’ve detailed below the best ways to do this and encourage you to consider actioning the options that best suit your work.

Promotional Tips

Download our tip sheet to help increase the impact of your article.

Additionally, learn more about how Wiley increases the visibility of your research.

Maximize Research Impact

A helpful way to give your research wider reach is to share it with others. From using an ORCID ID, to a preprint server, to publishing open access, the video below and accompanying PDF outlines our top suggestions for sharing your article with as many people as possible.

Online Promotion is Key

Did you know that including images and relevant hashtags can get you 50% more engagement on your online posts? With a wide variety of online sharing tools, there are many platforms to get your research seen and shared. The following video and accompanying PDF detail tips for harnessing powerful online channels to disseminate your research.

Stand Out from The Crowd

It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle with the volume of information available online. Visual abstracts, infographics or videos can be great methods to help your research stand out. The video below and accompanying PDF explore ways to make your article more accessible.

Make the Most of Your Connections

One of the best ways to spread your research is to share with your connections, presenting many opportunities to collaborate. The video below and accompanying PDF outline ways you can utilize connections to reach your audience and increase downloads and citations.