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When you were trained in your field, you were told that promoting your work was part of the job. Ever wish that job was easier?

With our expert guidance, it can be. Start with our Promotion Guide to get best practice recommendations for promoting your work. Then consider which article promotion strategies are right for you and your research.

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Article Share

A unique sharing link to a full-text, read-only version of your article that can be shared with unlimited people

  • Share with anyone, anywhere
  • Perfect for sharing your article on websites, social media, and Scholarly Collaboration Networks


Platform that allows you to explain, share, and measure your research’s impact

  • Improve your article’s discoverability and give context to your work
  • Explain your publication with an impact statement, a plain-language summary, and links to additional resources

Promotion Guide

Best practice recommendations for promoting your article

  • Free recommendations to boost your article’s impact

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Article Promotion Services from Wiley Editing Services

Wiley Editing Services now has a full suite of Article Promotion services, including professional video, design, and writing services to help you create shareable video abstracts, infographics, conference posters, lay summaries, and research news stories.

Cover Images

Some journals offer the option for authors to submit an image from or related to their article to be featured on the journal issue cover. Once published, you can use your Cover Image in posters, presentations, and videos, and share it on your website and social channels. Learn more about Cover Images.

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Sharing Your Article

Wondering how you can share your article? Download our Article Sharing Guidelines PDF and read our Article Sharing Guidelines Policy.